Emma's Story

“Why couldn’t we have it all? Why couldn’t there be beauty products made with conscious ingredients that were unfussy and effective?" - Emma Heming Willis


The mom behind CocoBaba.

After 20+ years in the beauty and fashion industry and being a bit of a product junkie, you'd think I'd seen it all... until I was expecting and becoming a mom. While I was glowing and growing and forming stretch marks in places I didn't even know were places, I couldn't find the skincare routine I needed and that every woman deserves— one that's safe, natural, unfussy, and actually effective.

So, I went back to basics with an old family favorite: coconut oil. My mother used it for cooking, in our hair, and especially on our skin. My grandmother even waxed a wooden table with it. So I thought, why not my belly?

The more my belly grew, the more I saw how well the coconut oil soothed and healed my skin, but what floored me were the results. I'm naturally prone to stretch marks, yet it got me through two pregnancies stretch-mark free.

Unfortunately, that magic elixir came in a giant vat from the oil & vinegar aisle at the grocery store. As I dipped my entire forearm into yet another tub, I started to think, "I bet I can do better."

Over the next few years, I worked with sustainable suppliers and product experts who hold the highest cosmetic standards to develop the first CocoBaba skincare products. We were able to create a line that only utilizes the natural effectiveness of coconut oil, but does so without harmful ingredients, greasiness, or overly complicated steps.

Today, CocoBaba is on bellies, boobs, and bums around the world. Now we can all enjoy some much-needed natural & unfussy luxury.

After all, every body deserves to feel mothered.