Handcrafted Wooden Roller

This is a gentle and indulgent way to loosen your muscles, stimulate lymphatic drainage and get your blood circulating again.
  • This wooden massage roller helps you fight unpleasant fat deposits.
  • Improves your skins circulation whilst providing an all-round relief for your muscles. Target all those troubling pressure points.
  • Shapes the muscles and smooths out the skin.
  • Stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
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This roller stimulates lymphatic drainage and consequently helps eliminate cellulite, while at the same time helps to destroy fat cells, thereby improving the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body. As a result, the body is provided with oxygen and other nutrients, which your skin needs to remain firm and tight. Made from 100% natural wood. Exceptional quality and strength of the wood allow for long-term use.
- Use: Apply a generous amount of our silky organic Coconut Body Oil to your belly, boobs, and whole body.
- Massage into your skin using the wooden roller and a comfortable amount of pressure.

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Uncomplicated ingredients.
Unfussy formulas that work.

- Vegan - Cruelty Free

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Yes! 👏🏻

I love this wooden roller! I used it on my daughter’s back tonight & she was in Heaven! It’s quite a bit bigger than I anticipated too. Can’t wait to use this on my thighs where I get the worst cramps! Excellent price as well. Fast shipping. Great company altogether. ✨🩵✨ Thanks, CoCoBaBa ! Another excellent product & can’t wait to try more! Hope you add some more products like shampoos?

Feels good

I have never tried a roller before but I got it for my legs. I have cellulite and I cannot get out to go away. I'm not an overweight person but I've always been a self conscious person about my legs even as a kid and Ihope this helps!